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BT-SA expanding in Cape Town

BT-SA, a well-known ICT infrastructure company, is expanding their Cape Town offices in order to continue offering the exceptional service the city has come to know and expect from them. The company, which first opened its doors in the mother city in 1990, is soon moving to larger premises just…

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Facilities Management

Facilities Management – The Sensible Business Solution

  Streamlining Business Facilities Management integrates the practical elements of business (phone lines, air conditioning, security systems – the list goes on) to create an efficient, productive and user-friendly environment. The positive impact of Facilities Management is felt by clients, staff and managers alike. As a service, Facilities Management transforms…

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The Future of Facilities Management

Facilities management is a broad term that brings together many different aspects in ensuring that your business keeps running like a well-oiled machine. It is vital to the functioning of a business, and more often than not, does not get the attention it rightfully deserves. The goal of effective facilities…

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BT-SA Project Management

How BT-SA’s Project Management Makes All the Difference

                    The design and development of corporate infrastructure is a complicated affair, egg-shells are everywhere to be stepped on and quite frankly, there simply isn’t any room for error. Ensuring that deadlines are met on time and that processes are conducted…

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Biometric Scanner

What Is Biometric Security Access?

                      The vital theory of biometric security authentication systems is that every person is especial unique and each individual can be recognized by his or her characteristics or behavioral traits. Biometric security access tech is able to identify a person…

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Newly Appointed Branch Manager for Cape Town Office

Congratulations to Amiena Carelse on her recent appointment as Branch Manager of the BT-SA Cape Town office. Amiena joined Bridging Technologies in 2000, in the company’s early days when the Cape Town branch originally opened its doors, formally known as Rafran Cape Town. She stayed on when BT Cape was…

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electric maintenance program

The Importance of Fire Safety Equipment Servicing & Maintenance

            Having your business offices or home equipped with the necessary fire safety equipment helps to protect both your business’s infrastructure as well as the people in and around it. While having these individual pieces of tech fitted is a great start, looking after the…

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What is a Grid-Tied Solar System and Why your Business Needs One

              As progress marches on through the 21st century, humanity is becoming increasingly aware of its negative impact on the environment. Many businesses and institutions are looking for ways to combat this ever-worsening problem, seeking alternative power solutions that provide a low carbon footprint,…

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Randvest Technology Holdings acquires Bridging Technologies SA

Johannesburg – Randvest Technology Holdings (“Randvest”), a private and independent investment holding company, has recently acquired Bridging Technologies SA (“BT-SA”), a long established and well-known name in the ICT industry. This acquisition, together with their recent achievement of a Level 2 B-BBEE status will contribute towards the growth and wellbeing…

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CCTV Cameras

A Few Reasons to Have CCTV Security Control for Your Business

                By having a CCTV System on your premises as a security feature, can be very beneficial to your business – for external and internal purposes. The reality is that our properties are not as protected and as safe as we would like…

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