Layered High-Tech Security Solutions

Utilising mobile integrated security systems, we can provide accessibility anytime and anywhere.

  • From traditional access control to state-of-the-art IP based systems such as retina, palm, vain and hand wave scanners as well as 3D Facial recognition scanners
  • Mobile integrated security systems for 24/7 associability
  • Latest HD CCTV technology with video content analytics allowing tamper detection, masking, motion detection, face and license plate recognition
  • Building protection via thermal, ultrasonic, microwave, photo-electric, gas and vibration sensors, control panels, keypads and alerting
  • Perimeter security including physical and electric fencing, fibre optic, microwave and thermal intrusion detection
  • Access control hardware including of booms, gates, turnstiles, spike barriers, mantraps, cubicles and custom doors