Building Management Solutions – The Sensible Solution

Facilities Management

Streamlining Business

Building Management Solutions (BMS) integrates the practical elements of the business (phone lines, air conditioning, security systems – the list goes on) to create an efficient, productive and user-friendly environment. The positive impact of BMSt is felt by clients, staff and managers alike.

As a service, BMS transforms a building from an ‘office shaped pile of bricks’ into a smart, interactive environment primed for your business’ operation. BMS also dissipates the hassle of system maintenance. It allows a business to focus on their core whilst a service provider optimises and maintains the environment.

Simplistic Approach

In the spirit of simplifying and optimizing the practical running of a business, BT-SA offers comprehensive solutions. These solutions include controlled air conditioning, electrical support, fire detection and suppression, security systems, CCTV,  telecommunications and environmental monitoring.  This gives BT-SA the opportunity to gain unique insights into the inner cogs of a business. Thus, the equally unique ability to produce a solution that is ‘cross-platform successful’. The client only ever deals with one service provider – it’s definitely a more for less deal!

With 35 years of experience, BT-SA has a depth of technical and practical knowledge. This developed an advanced understanding of the practical business applications of BMS.

Erik Jordaan, Director at BT-SA, explains that “There’s a lot to consider in terms of BMS. It’s not just about taking care of the building’s facilities and keeping them in good condition. It also involves communication systems, project management, human capital, and considerations for the environment. If the infrastructure that supports the smooth running of a business is neglected, it may result in a negative impact on the business itself.”

The Bottom Line

“Businesses have no time to waste as far as adapting to new technologies and deploying them in facility management. The digital age is transforming the way we do everything, and we at BT-SA are forward-thinking where this is concerned. Digital is already here,” says Jordaan.

In this digital age, falling behind of technology could mean falling off completely (think DVD rental stores). Alternatively adapting to technology could skyrocket success (think Uber).

Automation and integration are inevitable. With benefits like productivity, efficiency, simplicity and affordability – Facilities Management is the sensible business solution.

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