What Is Biometric Security Access?

Biometric Scanner


The vital theory of biometric security authentication systems is that every person is especial unique and each individual can be recognized by his or her characteristics or behavioral traits. Biometric security access tech is able to identify a person on the basis of their unique attributes of their face, fingerprint, signature, retina pattern and then covey a secure and convenient method for authentication through biometric security access systems.

Biometrics is essentially the measurement and accurate analysis of a person’s physical features and behavioral features. For instance, a voice recognition system works by measuring the characteristics of a person’s speech as air passes through their throat, across the larynx and out through their nose or mouth.

The voice verification system will match these characteristics with data already stored on the system and if the two voice imprints are a similar match, the biometric security system will then see it as a perfect match, and access will be granted

How Does Biometric Compare to Other Access Systems?

The most indisputable advantage of biometric security technology is when compared to somewhat old or traditional authentication technology systems, such as ID bar code cards, magnetic lanyard cards or passwords, is that it is inseparably linked to an individual and because of that it is not easily accessed through theft, hackers or loss.

Most biometric access systems are easy to use and this streamlines user experience resulting in cost savings to the relevant supplier or industry. Employees or security guards do not need to remember long passwords or Pins and user accounts and another great advantage to biometrics is that metrics cannot be shared. If improved reliability or security is needed, it is possible to use a combination of one or the other biometric technologies such as finger print, eye recognition or voice recognition.

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