Why Consider CCTV Security Control for Your Business

CCTV Cameras

By having a CCTV System on your premises as a security feature, can be very beneficial to your business – for external and internal purposes. The reality is that our properties are not as protected and as safe as we would like them to be from the outside but also from the inside world. Thankfully, there are different means of criminal deterrence and systems in place for security.

It might seem like it could be a very costly excise, however, if properly designed and installed, a CCTV system as part of a layered security approach can be an investment in the long term.

Why CCTV Security is a must for your business

In order to understand events that have happened, it is always easier to have visual or audio proof of the event to support circumstantial evidence. Unfortunately, as a business owner or manager, you cannot be everywhere all the time to see what people are doing. Luckily there are means of visual record to prevent, deter and solve crimes.

Six Benefits to Having CCTV Security on your business premises

  • It assists with law enforcement to solve crimes and be used as evidence
  • It prevents safety incidents by having the right monitoring and allowing for the right measures to be taken in a timely manner of an incident
  • It encourages proper good behaviour from employees and customers
  • It boosts honest behaviour as the right monitoring is able to catch culprits and prevent any false accusations
  • It reduces cost and risks for insurance purposes
  • It prevents and deters crime as criminals would rather do a low-risk job

BT-SA offers experienced CCTV and access control services. Their various options of safety are there to be customised for your business’s security needs. This includes remote, real-time monitoring, incident detection, such as fire, safety hazards and, of course, trespassing.

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