Data Network Cabling

BT-SA offers installation services of structured data cabling infrastructure that includes design, installation and maintenance. With dedicated project teams, we ensure client satisfaction from planning to hand-over.

  • Structured cabling systems for voice, data security and video
  • Fibre optic network solutions include blown, buried and aerial installation applications
  • Our service level agreements are simple, measurable and realistic to manage, no matter what industry it is applied to.
BT-SA Data Cabling Solutions

Unshielded & Shielded Twisted Pair

Installations are done to the latest industry standards for Category 5e & 6a. The best practice is used during installation to reduce cable runs to as short as possible, bend radius parameters are observed and interfering environments are kept to a minimum.

Telephone Cabling

Our experienced technicians are well equipped to provide a professional service with either MDF/SDF installations at client premises with connections to PABX/PBX systems. We can accommodate all cable types for connectivity to any telecommunication equipment as per currently installed or new installations.

BT-SA Wireless Communication Solutions
BT-SA Precision Cooling