Securing your Workplace with Access Control

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Securing your Workplace with Access Control

The practicality of using CCTV and access control systems to maintain a secure workplace environment depends on a company’s security needs. Often, monitoring is not effective enough, which calls for a need for a system that allows certain individuals access to some areas, while others can remain barred. Taking charge of your workplace security will help build worker trust, ensure everybody’s safety, as well as the security of personal items, or assets owned by the business. Because of this, it is up to each business owner to find a solution that best suits their needs.

The importance of controlling access

Controlling access on your business premises is often necessary where you might need to keep the general public out of specific areas. Areas of high risk or high security often require stringent access control methods to be put in place, while coming at a reasonable cost to the business.

Negligence to do so could result in:

  • Sensitive company information being compromised or leaked.
  • Damages could be sustained to company property.
  • Theft of personal and company property.
  • Injuries, serious accidents or even death.

Who might benefit?

Companies with specific needs to control the flow of personnel in their establishment, whether they are customers or employees could benefit greatly from access control systems designed to limit access to individuals or groups.

Establishments such as schools, hospitals and banks could benefit from the added personal and property security; while large and small businesses could find such systems keeping their assets and information secure.

Wired access control systems

Traditional wired access control systems generally make use of assigned pin codes or card readers to give a user access. These sorts of systems provide fairly good security, especially for smaller establishments with minimal-to-medium security access requirements. Their hardware is generally more affordable, but they are not ideal for complicated security needs where people need access to different areas of a building.

IP based biometric readers

For greater and more complicated security, that also doesn’t require your employees to memorise PINs or carry key-cards, biometric scanning systems that work either with retinas, fingerprints or palm-prints can be implemented for better control and monitoring of who goes where in your company, and when they did it. The idea behind biometric-based systems is that they don’t just keep certain people out, but also monitors who is coming in with reliable, unforgeable screening. The cost and functionality make it more appropriate to larger industries than wired access control systems.

Contact BT-SA for details

For more information on how you could invest in monitoring and surveillance systems that are perfectly suited to the needs of your business, contact a consultant from BT-SA today and speak to us if you have questions. 

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