BT-SA Assists Global Social Media Giant with Infrastructure Build for SA Office

When a global social media giant took a strategic decision to open South African offices in South Africa they appointment of BT-SA as its local infrastructure partner.

Business Case Study

The client brief was that it sought to enjoy a global standard of service delivery, supported by internationally recognised and supported technology and services.

BT-SA is a leading ICT infrastructure installer in South Africa. Its success in acquiring the contract rested on its ability to offer local maintenance and support, as well as comply with the social media company’s global standards –from a technology infrastructure as well as aesthetic point of view, in the roll out of its South African office.

Meeting the grade

In order to meet with the global standards requirements related to the ICT infrastructure installation, BT-SA needed to assure that it could comply with global standards. The company was provided with international training through every aspect of the project, training which ensured that the final product would match the aesthetics, culture and dynamic of the global company to a tee.

“The client has a very particular international recipe for infrastructure that needs to be adhered to in every region it is represented. The project timeline itself was also exceptionally tight. We were advised that our (the BT-SA’s team) setup, work ethic and industry knowledge and experience, put us in the same class as any of our international contractors globally,” Erik Jordaan, managing director at BT-SA.

Project Scope

As per the project scope, BT-SA was responsible for the building of the MDF (Main Distribution Frame) for the Social Media company. This also included the installation, labelling, testing and certifying of CAT6 data points for the entire project, as well as patching of data points to network switch equipment and supplying and installing all CCTV camera cabling required.

“The project was an incredible one for the BT-SA team to be involved in as it allowed us to really show how adaptable we are as a team,” adds Jordaan. “We were exposed to a new approach to installations, allowed us to broaden our own skills set and enabled us to showcase that South African IT installers are of a global calibre.

“Because of our own approach to compliance, our adherence to international health and safety regulations, our zero-tolerance attitude towards the safety of our teams and the fact that we only use certified tools in our installations – we were able to meet and exceed the quality and compliance requirements of the client,” he says.

While the project had to be up and running in record time, the BT-SA team were able to leverage from a carefully mapped out project scope that they had prepared to ensure that each milestone was met timeously. The result? Exceptional feedback from the global client and their partner.

Looking ahead

“Based on the success of the project and feedback from the client to date, we are confident that our partnership will continue in the future. Furthermore the client has expressed that they are exceptionally happy with the quality of the work produced by BT-SA. This is based on our knowledge of their processes, our ability to meet with their expectations, adapt our processes to meet their needs and the fact that we took the time to learn their methodologies and systems,” ends Jordaan.

Today BT-SA offers its customers end-to-end ICT solutions, which extend to the supply, installation and maintenance of full infrastructure solutions, including wireless network solutions, structured, precision cooling, fire detection and suppression, CCTV and access control.

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