Asset Financing: The Relief Business Owners have been Waiting for

Asset Financing Solution

What is Asset Financing Solution?

Asset financing Solution is a direct response to business owners needs. In the current economy finances and budgets are reduced. As a result, the need for infrastructure, back-up power sources, security systems and data centres are rising. Soon businesses will not be able to function without these assets.

That is why BT-SA have come up with a solution to finance your assets. Allowing you to grow your business and preserve cash flow. Simultaneously, you able to access the equipment your business needs. Like financing a car, you can finance your data centre, security systems or back up power solutions.

Our Asset Financing Solution covers design, material and installation over a fixed period. You can focus on your business. We take care of the rest.

How does it work?

Offering a comprehensive solution, we’ll conduct an onsite assessment of your current equipment and requirements. Then we provide a full report on the best solution that meets your business’s needs. You can finance the purchasing and installation of new assets. As well as, material, upgrades of existing infrastructure and new projects.

Why do I want an Asset Financing Solution?

Aside from the obvious advantages (reduced costs, more cash flow and optimal equipment) here are some more advantages of our solution;

  • Have your business’s infrastructure taken care of. Freeing up your cash flow for pressing investments.
  • Upgrades are never out of reach. Thus, you can keep your business running optimally even after your payment term is completed
  • Your staff will have all the necessary tools available therefore project performance and efficiency is guaranteed.
  • Re-payment over 24 to 60 months means that your income generating equipment pays for itself over the term
  • Fixed interest rates are available over the term, making it easy to budget
  • Equipment and upgrade costs can be bundled in a single monthly payment

When can I Start?

You can start today!

Fill out the online Asset Financing Solution application form or call 0860 105 183

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