What type of UPS System is right for my business?

types of UPS

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Systems are a must for any business that relies on data. Tthey guarantee that a business does not fall victim to blackouts that may cost the business tons of money. Let us go over the types of UPS systems used worldwide.

Standby UPS
Standby UPS systems are the most common and are for personal computers. They give you enough time to properly save your work and shut down your computer. Some systems will even put your pc in hibernation mode until the power returns.

Line-interactive UPS
Unlike the standby UPS, line-interactive UPS systems make use of a multi-tap variable-voltage auto-transformer. Therefor it can add or subtract powered coils of wire. This means they can increase or decrease the magnetic field and the output voltage of the transformer.

Standby-Ferro UPS
The 3-15kVA range of UPS systems was once dominated by Standby-Ferro UPS systems. These UPS systems make use of a special saturating transformer with three power connections. With the main power supply coming from a transfer switch, then through a transformer and lastly to the output. The inverter is energized when the transfer switch is opened which happens when the input power fails.

Double conversion on-line UPS
The most common type of UPS above 10kVA is the double-conversion on-line UPS. This type of UPS system is like the Standby UPS except that the primary power path is the inverter instead of the AC mains.

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