Estate Security

Estate Security –  A layered investment

You’re at home sleeping soundly while an intruder is attempting to sneak into the estate. Is your estate security up to the challenge?
The intruder approaches the main entrance, noticing that there is no foliage to hide in. He makes a mental note that he will not be able to wait for an opportune vulnerability.

Access Control

Approaching the main entrance, he tries to act casual in front of the estate guards. The finger print scanner denies him access. Walking casually around he realises all the turn-stiles only grant access to previously registered finger prints. Not wanting to draw too much of the guards attention he leaves, deciding to try a more stealthy tactic.

Perimeter Security

Approaching a back perimeter he sets off motion-activated lights along the length of the perimeter.  Swearing he realises he has to act quickly. As he comes into contact with the perimeter, a well hidden beam is activated and the alarm sounds off. The intruder makes a run for it while the armed response, estate guards and perimeter lighting all seamlessly react.

Your service provider has made sure that your estate security has been well integrated and maintained.

The armed response arrives. The guards have both the fingerprints and CCTV footage as identifying information. Within half an hour an arrest is made.

Radar Technology

Later that evening a stray dog wonders past the perimeter. The radar technology recognises the difference between the human and the dog. A threat is not registered as a threat to estate security and no one’s sleep is disturbed, time and money is not wasted.

Smart estate security technology saves time, money, sleep and most importantly lives!

You wake up the following morning, well-rested, and comforted to know your family is secure.

Estate security is an investment

At BT-SA we believe that estate security needs to evolve as the threats become more advanced. That’s why we have designed a multi-layered approach focusing on both deterring and alerting. We design, install, integrate and maintain estate security so that residents sleep soundly.

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