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Estate Security

Estate Security –  A layered investment

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Facilities Management

Facilities Management – The Sensible Business Solution

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Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips for your Office

Studies have shown that the temperature and humidity at the workplace has a direct correlation with the productivity of employees. If the room is too hot, employees become lethargic, and their concentration levels drop dramatically. On the other hand, very low temperature leads to illnesses and complaints. To keep your…

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BT-SA Project Management

How BT-SA’s Project Management Makes All the Difference

                    The design and development of corporate infrastructure is a complicated affair, egg-shells are everywhere to be stepped on and quite frankly, there simply isn’t any room for error. Ensuring that deadlines are met on time and that processes are conducted…

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Access Control

Access Control Systems: Five Key Planning Steps

At one time, the function of an access control system was simply to enable facilities to control the ability to enter and leave without using hard keys, while creating a logging system with no paper. Access control systems have evolved into multi-faceted tools that can control the movement of people…

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Biometric Scanner

What Is Biometric Security Access?

                      The vital theory of biometric security authentication systems is that every person is especial unique and each individual can be recognized by his or her characteristics or behavioral traits. Biometric security access tech is able to identify a person…

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A data centre with no centre: Why the cloud of the future will live in our homes

When we talk about the home of the future, we might think of technologies that will bring convenience to our lives. Refrigerators that know when we’ve run out of milk and order more for us, perhaps, or 3D printers that will make any shape of pasta you can imagine. But while this Jetsons-like…

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electric maintenance program

The Importance of Fire Safety Equipment Servicing & Maintenance

            Having your business offices or home equipped with the necessary fire safety equipment helps to protect both your business’s infrastructure as well as the people in and around it. While having these individual pieces of tech fitted is a great start, looking after the…

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Grid-tied Solar

What is a Grid-Tied Solar System and Why your Business Needs One

              As progress marches on through the 21st century, humanity is becoming increasingly aware of its negative impact on the environment. Many businesses and institutions are looking for ways to combat this ever-worsening problem, seeking alternative power solutions that provide a low carbon footprint,…

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Integrated Security Solutions

Keep Your IP Camera Installation Up and Running Through Power Problems

For home and small business owners, installing a video surveillance system is one of the most effective ways to protect assets and deter theft. But after your system is up and running, you’ll want to ensure that it stays that way. An uninterruptible power supply, or UPS system, will keep…

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