BT-SA announces renewal of Mercedes Benz SA contract

BT-SA is pleased to announce that the local arm of the global automobile manufacturing giant, Mercedes Benz SA, has renewed its ICT maintenance and supplier contract with the company. A long-standing customer of BT-SA, the contract was however still placed on tender, and the extension of the contract is testimony to the levels of satisfaction experienced by the customer to date.

The contract has been extended to an additional three-year maintenance contract and covers the IT infrastructure requirements for both its East London and Pretoria plants. The services covered in the contract, that are to be provided by BT-SA include: network cabling, fibre optic installations as well as data distribution rooms maintenance.

“Mercedes Benz SA has been an excellent customer and we are delighted to announce that they have given the quality of our work the greenlight with the extension of this contract,” states Bertie Strydom, Director at BT-SA. “We believe it is as a result of not only the quality of work we pride ourselves on delivering, but also our service ethic, all of which culminated in us winning this contract amid stiff competition from multiple bidders for the tender.”

As part of the contract BT-SA has also been appointed as the motoring giant’s preferred ICT supplier for all new cabling technology requirements as well as growing infrastructure.

According to Strydom, as a home-grown organisation BT-SA takes careful consideration of the unique business needs of local companies, with particular attention being given to global organisations who may want to emulate an international technology quality template – but at the same time ensuring local compliance and relevance of the systems at all times. “Service that is tailored to your client’s needs is critical, and in the case of Mercedes Benz we have a service level agreement that includes dedicated teams working 24/7, ensuring they are always up and running.”


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