Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips for your Office

Studies have shown that the temperature and humidity at the workplace has a direct correlation with the productivity of employees. If the room is too hot, employees become lethargic, and their concentration levels drop dramatically. On the other hand, very low temperature leads to illnesses and complaints.

To keep your employees, awake and focused longer, bring the temperature of the room to a prime temperature of 20 or 21 degrees. However, not every air conditioner meets the basic requirements and may be unsuitable for the office with regards to the size or functions. So, with that in mind, here are some A/C maintenance tips which, in turn, will increase the productivity of your office.

Get the Most Out of Your AC

  • Get a dehumidifier. Although air conditioners also dehumidify, a dehumidifier in the basement can prevent excess moisture seepage through the office, and can also nip a mould problem in the bud.
  • Check regularly. Change or clean filters on a consistent basis, and check airflow for blockage and evaporator coil for frost. Check with your HVAC provider about setting up a preventive maintenance plan for regular check-ups.
  • A gentle clean. Use a vacuum cleaner attachment to clean accessible parts but be careful not to damage them.
  • Stay serviced. Have the unit checked and cleaned at the start of the season. During the off-season, make certain it is cleaned and properly covered and disconnected.

The Best for Your Office

Office air conditioning regulates the temperature, so it’s at a comfortable level. Employees in the office will no longer need to wrap up in summer and sweat in the wintertime. In environments that use pollutants such as chemicals, office air conditioning units can actually remove the harmful air particles, boosting employee health. An increase in productivity and a decrease in sick days means happier employees as they benefit from healthier, cleaner air.

At BT-SA we use the latest technology to keep your office and server room the perfect temperature throughout the year. With our knowledge and skills, we offer installation, repairs and preventative maintenance that ensures comfort in your workplace environment.



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