Office Security over the Festive Season – Be Prepared

In South Africa we generally expect an increase of between 8% – 11 % in property crimes over December. Office blocks and quite warehouses being the most sought after target. Before you go off to enjoy your well-deserved leave, make sure your office security is up to scratch.

Create Layered Office Security

A layered approach to office security is best, much like Christmas trifle.

By using a strategic and layer approach to security, you ensure the maximum amount of security risk to a perpetrator before they can reach your most valuable assets. Generally, you’re looking at placing your most valuable assets at the centre of your security system and creating as many layers of security around them as reasonably possible.
There are many options in layered office security;

Surveillance Cameras

Technology has brought security cameras a long way. If the idea of employing a full-time position to watch over screens have you shaking your head –don’t worry. Most surveillance systems make office security a lot more tangible these days. Your information can be sent to and store on a cloud, where it is automatically checked for suspicious activity.

Access Control

When it comes to office security, access control is key (or rather, keyless). Going keyless removes the need to change locks under security risk situations such as lost keys or staff turnover. It also allows very specific control over which individual may access key and valuable components of your business – decreasing knowledge spread around your sensitive information.

Parking Lot Protection

To protect your parking lot area, install cameras and adequate lighting. Although cameras cannot directly prevent an attack or invasive entering they are a successful deterrent. Make cameras a more effective form of office security by displaying signs around your parking lot area, alerting the public that the area is under surveillance. Cameras combined with lighting making your parking more secure, especially for those late-night Christmas hours.

Precautionary Lighting

Perimeter lighting ensures that would-be perpetrators don’t have an easy sneak-in point to your premises. It also allows the police and other emergency services the ability to easy asses your perimeter. Along with the same logic, leaving a light on inside your office and around key areas, assist the police and your staff in staying alert. And of course, the most important part of office security, it makes it harder for perpetrators.

Layered Office Security Experts

Layering your office security with a combination of tactics such as lighting, cameras and access control is an effective way to protect your office over the festive season. At BT-SA, we are experts in layering security and advising advanced security techniques.

To find out more about securing your office, contact us.

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