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5 key data centre optimisation trends for 2019

There are multiple innovations that are ready to generate real advantages for data centre operators in 2019 – particularly given the fact that even the best run data centres still have considerable cooling and thermal issues. And with cooling now representing around 30% of a data centre’s operating costs, it’s…

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Be Aware of These 5 Data Centre Trends in 2018

We’ve already been gearing up to tackle new challenges, more connected users, and an ever-evolving digital world. Many of the broader trends are having an impact on the modern data centre. A few key projects that started over the course of 2017 will help shape the data centre over the…

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6 Data Centre Infrastructure Trends For 2017

In 2016, global macro trends significantly impacted the industry, with new cloud innovations and social responsibility taking the spotlight. As cloud computing has integrated even further into IT operations, the focus will move to improving underlying critical infrastructure as businesses look to manage new data volumes. We believe that 2017…

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