Maintaining Your Back-Up Generator

Maintaining Your Back-up Generator

The most recent bout of load shedding has left many South African businessmen and women feeling frustrated and uneasy about power stability. Reclaim your sense of power by maintaining your back-up generator.

Many businesses have already invested in generators in order to curb the operational repercussions of power loss. Investing in the generator is the first step. The second is maintaining your back-up generator in order to get the best fuel efficiency and lifespan.

Generators that are used as a primary source of power often have a full-time technician to attend to them. Maintaining your back-up generator is easier to forget about, especially during the times when Eskom’s power supply becomes more stable.

In those times, back-up generators are often left unattended and unmaintained. Potentially, causing a problem during the next bout of load shedding. Imagine your back-up generator breaking down in the middle of load shedding? We don’t like the sound of that either!

Diesel Generator units do not come standard with a maintenance plan (usually). The good news is that you can establish a long term service level agreement with a reputable service provider. When you enter into this agreement ensure that your service provider will keep detailed records of and execute regular testing that adheres to the standard provided by the manufacturer.

Maintaining your back-up generator involves replacing and upgrading parts, monitoring fluid levels and battery inspections. Furthermore, fuel and air filter need to be changed.

Consistent and thorough maintenance can save you quite a bit of time and money. It can also avoid a crisis situation in an unpredictable power-environment.

Take back your power by maintaining your back-up generator.

Contact BT-SA for more back-up power and maintenance solutions.

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