BT-SA installs 10 Gig Fibre Backbone for 2 Military Hospital

BT-SA Work on Hospital


The Cape Town branch of local infrastructure provider BT-SA has been awarded a contract to install all the Krone Category 6A cabling reticulation for 2 Military Hospital over the next two years.

The project also includes a 10 Gig fibre backbone cabling throughout the hospital and outlying buildings. Backbone cabling is the inter-building and intra-building cable connections in structured cabling between entrance facilities, equipment rooms and telecommunications closets.

Cabling reticulation will be installed in the main Military Hospital, the new admin and logistics building as well as the nurses and officers home. The installation will also include all cabinets, data point, voice points, email and internet points.

Donovan Snyders, who joined BT-SA nearly 10 years ago as general manager and now manages the Cape Town office in Montague Gardens, says the project is 100% on schedule.

“The 2 Mil project commenced in April this year and are we are currently busy in the main hospital and outside buildings. The roll-out is done in phases, floor by floor,” he says.

BT-SA Infrastructure sales executive Nicole Dittrich joined the Cape Town team in January this year. She has been in the ICT industry for the past 22 years and oversees full data centre designs including backup power, air flows, construction, access control, fire detection and suppression and monitoring.

Dittrich currently heads up the fibre backbone roll-out together with the main contractor Superway Construction (Pty) Ltd. She says the standards of this particular project are very high. “Our client, SA Military, requires that we follow all SITA’s quality and standards which includes many inspections and controls.”

“We have an exceptional team onsite which adjust to crisis and last-minute expectations like professionals.  They work long hours to make sure the client’s expectations are achieved in the time-frames, even if they are under the challenging circumstance,” she explains.

Superway Construction’s Mechanical & Electrical Site Agent Andrè Fouchè says no other contractor besides BT-SA may install fibre backbones at 2 Military Hospital during the duration of the contract. “Only BT-SA may install fibre backbones due to their understanding of the quality and standard requirements onsite and have therefore installed all fibre reticulation requirements for all contractors that require fibre onsite.”

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