BT-SA and Dickinson Technologies in futuristic development


Dickinson Technologies, a subsidiary of Dickinson Group of Companies (DGC) recently concluded a partnership agreement with BT-SA. The partnership will allow the two companies to develop a personalised digital solution for advanced monitoring of client equipment. This is achieved by itlising Dickinson Technologies’ Industrial Asset Management Digital Tools.

The Advance Monitoring Solution

The resultant fully customised solution allows BT-SA to remotely monitor their client’s assets at unprecedented levels. The solution uses Real-time data along with Dickinson Technologies’ advanced AI analytics engine. This will provide early warning notifications for assets that are at risk of failure/performance issues, allowing for proactive intervention. This reduces or  eliminate unplanned maintenance callouts, which would otherwise result in breakdown leading to severe cost implications for the asset owners.

Words from Company Representatives

“This partnership will revolutionise how we plan our maintenance schedules for all of our clients. By using real-time data we will detect small issues and resolve them before it develops into major issues that and downtime. Being able to view the data remotely is a bonus, allowing us to prepare before getting to the client.” – Erik Jordaan, Director of BT-SA.
“We are excited to enter into this partnership with BT-SA. They have an impressive service portfolio for both government and private sectors. Using their industry knowledge in asset maintenance, we hope to strengthen our AI analytics offering.” – Trevor Dickinson, CEO of Dickinson Technologies.

More about Dickinson Technologies’ Industrial Asset Management Digital Tool

Dickinson Technologies provides a range of Asset & Risk Management Digitisation Solutions. Our mission is to help our customers optimize their maintenance costs and improve plant performance. The tool provides innovative digital, data mining, and artificial intelligence. Together with our market-leading software technologies this enhances the service life of the operating asset.
Our Industrial Asset Management Tools allow for the development of customisable AI based solutions that transform live data from equipment into actionable insights. This assists operators to maximise productivity, reliability, safety and regulatory compliance of their assets. The solutions are generally classified as follows:

  • Process Historian: a visualisation and digitisation platform that integrates with most tag capturing/database systems including; OPC, Modbus, and PMDB.
  • Operating Envelope Management: allows users to manage their operating limits easily and effectively. The system alerts users of all deviations, allowing plant managers to timeously identify sub-optimal performance and correct it.
  • Operator Training Simulator: customisable industrial plant training simulation solutions that allow operators of the control systems to learn plant operations in simulated environments.
  • Advanced Analytics Software (PEPITe): allow process and maintenance engineers to perform complex data analysis regardless of their level of knowledge in data science.
  • Self Service Data Analytics (TrendMiner): make use of a specialised industrial platform that exploits various machine learning algorithms, including Decision Trees, Random Forests, Artificial Neural Networks and Clustering.


Our solutions allow users to perform deeper analysis, monitoring, prediction and contextualisation of their live and historic plant data, ultimately leading to the following benefits:

  • Improving availability by eliminating unplanned downtime.
  • Optimising performance with actionable insights and loss accounting on abnormal situations.
  • Guaranteeing quality by learning golden batch profiles.
  • Reducing administration costs by automating routine tasks.
  • Enhancing safety by eliminating unplanned failures.
  • Improving operation through situational awareness and resource efficiency.
  • Limiting maintenance with asset health monitoring.
  • Reducing energy costs by optimising efficiency.
  • Cutting back on waste by controlling losses.
  • Actionable dashboards for monitoring operational performance in real-time.
  • Integrate root-cause analysis and process monitoring to define future alerts.
  • Control room early warnings and recommendations to undertake process adjustments for improved operational performance.
  • Timeous data-driven decisions by production managers.

Our Technology Enables You To

  • Calculate Overall Equipment Efficiency
  • Prevent Unplanned Failures
  • Predict Maintenance Intervals
  • Optimize Maintenance Costs
  • Correct Operations
  • Protect Intellectual Property
  • Achieve advanced monitoring of client equipment
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