Our BEE Accreditation

We pride ourselves on being a Level 4 contributor under the DTI – ICT Amended Codes of Good Practice.

BT-SA_Page Header_0017_Our BEE Accreditation
BTSA Level 4 BEE Icon RED_2017 05 10_Without Drop ShadowOur commitment to transformation is reflected in year on year improvements to our current Level 4 contribution to B-BBEE status under the amended ICT Sector Codes of Good Practice.

We have re-aligned our shareholding in an ongoing effort to reflect the current population and gender equality of the South African demographics. To date 30% shareholding has been transferred to previously disadvantaged individuals who are all active members of the workforce and management team.

Our Business and the new B-BBEE Codes

According to the DTI  ICT Amended Sector Codes of Good Practice, BT-SA complies with all regulatory requirements of the country.  Large businesses should meet three out of four mechanisms and QSEs are required to comply with only one. The empowering supplier mechanism focuses on the development of local production, job creation, localisation of business activities and skills transfer to small black businesses whose annual turnover is under R50 million.

In response to expected changes BT-SA has already implemented in-house programmes to develop and train black Team Leaders over the next 12 months to be promoted to Middle Management Level.

The use of local suppliers is currently a common consideration in the selection of suppliers but to ensure compliance with the DTI’s new codes, future procurement opportunities will only be secured from “Empowering Suppliers”.

Furthermore, we will also be initiating a series of workshops over the next 12 months to develop and train black EME and QSE suppliers. Such workshops will also be aimed at creating awareness around the concept of becoming an “Empowering Supplier”.

We are confident that we will meet three of the four empowering supplier mechanisms which will give us Empowering Supplier Status. We aim to improve on the current Level 4 B-BBEE status after implementation of the new codes.

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