Sporting Events Infrastructure: Behind the Scenes.

Whether it is a golf, rugby or dance event, a tremendous amount of planning does into setting up and managing sporting events infrastructure.


Stadiums, fields, halls and arenas can host hundreds of thousands of people at a time. Each person, knowingly or unknowingly, relying on the infrastructure for connectivity, visibility, audio and even safety.
It’s not only the spectators relying on the infrastructure; it’s the players, the coaches, announcers and journalists too.

What Purpose Does Sporting Events Infrastructure Serve?

Infrastructure can cover a whole range of areas including lighting control, digital signage, enhanced audio, security cameras, fire and safety systems, synchronized messaging and communication systems.

Spectators are expecting a safe, comfortable and connected experience. Journalists need more bandwidth than ever, with most of them sending out communications in real time using Wi-Fi.

The Trick To Sporting Events Infrastructure

Sporting events require adaptable infrastructure as the environment often allows for little response time. A missed try or put would cause unthinkable outrage within the sporting community. It is possible that the outcome of a whole sports series rests on the technology behind the infrastructure. For example, in the recent Curie Cup Final between The Western Provence and The Sharks. The end game score rested entirely on TMO. Had the recording equipment failed due to infrastructure faults, well, we don’t even want to think about that chaos.

The future of Sports

The trend in Sporting event infrastructure is currently leaning towards KMs and KMs of fibre cabling – often more than 500kms of cabling! Fibre cabling has the advantage of more reliable connectivity and greater distances. It also allows infrastructure to be designed in an expandable way. As many sporting and events venues know, the rapid develop of technology makes this a requirement of any infrastructure worth its salt.
BT-SA has impressive experience in handling large scale sporting events and they’ve all gone off without a hitch. Contact us now to enquire about how we can improve your infrastructure.