Is Your Generator Ready for Load Shedding?

Load shedding, unstable power supply and the unscheduled maintenance of power stations have been in the news lately. It is always good practice to ensure that your business’s back-up power equipment is in place and in excellent working order. Many businesses have invested in generators specifically to curtail the impact of what power failures, planned or unplanned, might have on their business. Now is the time to ensure that your generator is in good working condition; ready for when it is needed.

Like with all infrastructure, regularly servicing of your generator ensures longevity of and getting the best out of your expensive assets. Businesses that rely exclusively on generators as the primary power source will often have their own technicians on-site; on the flip side it is easy to forget about a service schedule if your generator is only used as a backup power source. 

“Most diesel generator units do not come standard with a maintenance schedule from the installer. Over time, parts wear out and need replacing or repair. I cannot stress enough the importance of a long term service level agreement with a reputable service provider. You should expect more than just a quick check of the unit, but rather detailed records and regular testing that adhere to the standards set by generator manufacturers,” advises Lawrence Weitzman, Director at BT-SA, a leading ICT infrastructure solutions provider. 

To ensure that your generator performs optimally, certain parts should be replaced or upgraded, fluid levels need to be monitored, the battery inspected and cleaned and fuel and air filters need to be changed – similar to servicing a vehicle.

“Regular maintenance and replacing small parts and fluids over time can save your company money in the long run. Getting a reputable service provider on board will ensure peace of mind that your business will run like clockwork, despite unpredictable circumstances out of your control,” says Weitzman.

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