Is Your Infrastructure Ready For 2019?

By now marketing strategies and annual calendars have been set. Most businesses will have a clear idea of their direction for this year, but all too often, it is not accompanied by an infrastructure strategy.

Why do I need an infrastructure strategy?
It all comes down to foresight. Infrastructure can (and eventually will) age. Technology becomes out-dated and hardware goes through unavoidable wear and tear. An unfortunately large number of organisations leave maintenance and update for minute 99. As you’ve probably seen in last year’s news, ill-maintained infrastructure can cause significant operational issues within a business.

Scrambling around at the last minute, updating software or replacing hardware can hit your bottom line hard! The financial and time cost that goes into updating, replacing and dealing with the almost inevitable hiccups along the way can be minimized by planning ahead.  Not planning ahead could leave you dealing with a security breach and/or completely redundant systems that are out of support. This not only affects time and finance, but also your professional reputation and reliability.

Where do I start?
Evaluate your infrastructure. Assess each area and prioritise the areas that are closer to becoming redundant or have gone for the longest period without updates/maintenance. Consider what direction your market is going in and how your infrastructure may position you in (or remove from) you from that market in the next 5 years.

Follow through with your evaluation by setting a maintenance schedule based on your prioritised areas. Making sure all relevant staff (especially IT) are aware of when maintenance is scheduled and who is responsible to ensure the process is as smooth as possible. For an even smoother process, involve the relevant IT staff in the planning and prioritising phase and ask for their recommendations regarding back-up plans during down time.

Infrastructure in the future.
Your goal is to avoid reaching the crisis stage by proactively managing your infrastructure and ultimately incurring as little down time and unnecessary expense as possible.

Planning for future infrastructure is time consuming and challenging but will always pay off.

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