What is a Grid-Tied Solar System and Why your Business Needs One

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As progress marches on through the 21st century, humanity is becoming increasingly aware of its negative impact on the environment. Many businesses and institutions are looking for ways to combat this ever-worsening problem, seeking alternative power solutions that provide a low carbon footprint, while still allowing business to continue as it normally would.

If you want to put your business on the map as one of those that takes its social responsibility seriously, then you should consider one such solution, grid-tied solar systems, as a possibility for your business.

What is Grid-Tied Solar Energy?

With many ways of being referred to, grid tied solar systems are an autonomous energy system that allows you to link your main power supply up with your alternative solar solution. This takes a lot of the strain away from the power needs of your business, putting less pressure on the grid, and where excess solar energy is generated, it can be sent back into the mains. However, in cases where adequate solar energy cannot be generated (either by too high a demand, a lack of infrastructure or simply from adverse weather conditions), power can be drawn directly from the main-grid to make up for the shortfall. Grid-tied solar energy is distinctive from battery to grid energy, which uses batteries to store excess information.

What are Its Advantages?

There are a number of advantages to using grid-tied solar energy in your business, and each of them will give your company an edge in one way or another.

  • Grid-tied solar energy ensures that there is less chance of downtime when there are power-failures. Living in South Africa, there is a need to ensure continuous power-supply when the national electricity provider fails to deliver; with grid-tied solar systems, this can be managed effectively.
  • Grid-tied solar systems offer a number of cost benefits to their users, especially where companies have exceptionally high power consumption needs. By being able to draw from solar and the grid, the costs payable to the service provider are dramatically decreased.
  • Grid-tied solar systems allow businesses to champion the struggle against dwindling resources. Besides being the right thing to do, this will also paint your company in a positive light in the social eye.

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