BT-SA appoints new Senior Manager to lead the way forward

BT-SA, a leading specialised network infrastructure provider, has recently appointed Pieter van Wyk to the position Senior Manager: Fire and Security.

Van Wyk joined BT-SA in 2013 as a Junior Project Leader in the Fire and Security division, at which time he came to the company with a technical background with experience in supervising the installation and programming of fire and security products.

“Pieter’s rise through the ranks has been extremely impressive, though not all surprising,” said Erik Jordaan, Director of BT-SA. “He is a charismatic and motivated leader, whose enthusiasm for the industry is reflected in the depth of knowledge and expertise he has acquired in this field in a relatively short time frame.”

Indeed, that expertise coupled with his creative solutions-driven approach to the design of projects and customer service level agreements, are what make van Wyk such a hugely successful salesman, while his leadership skills and expert mentorship of his team make him a gifted manager.

“In this industry, where no one-size-fits-all, a position like this requires an agile mind with a keen ability for problem solving, and Pieter certainly fits that bill. His hands-on experience in the field as a technician moreover gives him the ability to see beyond the obvious and develop simple, effective solutions for complex environments,” added Jordaan.

BT-SA’s new Senior Manager: Fire and Security, is furthermore a member of the PSIRA, SAQCC and FDIA industry associations, and also holds certifications in fire suppression and detection, CCTV and access control hardware and software, and perimeter security.

When he’s not hard at work, van Wyk, who is an outdoor and 4×4 enthusiast, achieves work-life balance by exercising his passion for the outdoors and spending quality time with his wife, family and friends.

At just 28 years of age, van Wyk is a stellar example of how age is merely a number in an industry where the right skill set; a fresh approach and a sharp mind, are the best tools for the job. BT-SA, in turn, is an equally fine example of a company that places real-life skills first as well as quality rather than quantity of experience; to advance hardworking individuals who help the organisation keep the customer at the centre of its business.

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