7 Data centre components that deserve an update this year

In the next 12 months, consider making a few upgrades to the data centre. The SearchDataCenter advisory board picks the most important data center component upgrades in the next 12 months, and shares how to implement them into your infrastructure and budget.

  • Perform an asset survey of what is actually in the data centre at the hardware and software level.
  • Carry out a usage survey of what is really being used, and why.
  • Cleaning data, preferably including master data modelling for better veracity with new data.
  • Rationalize software instances and versions to the lowest possible number.
  • Consolidate workload via virtualization onto the optimum hardware stack.
  • Virtualize on VMs or containers to make workload transitions from the existing data centre platform to co-locate, hosted, or infrastructure or platform as a service as easy as possible.
  • Automate the movement of workloads into the cloud via appropriate tools.
Source: www.techtarget.com
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